Exciting New Project: CRUCIBLE


CRUCIBLE is a start-up project which delivers youth-oriented cultural awareness programs designed to promote socio-cultural harmony in local communities by teaching today’s young people about the value of multiculturalism and encouraging them to embrace cultural diversity. 


CRUCIBLE started life in 2017 as a small-scale one-off project run by Louise Multicultural Community Centre (LMCC) to deliver a one-day cultural awareness workshop at a partner secondary school. Inspired by its success, the team behind CRUCIBLE — known as The CRU — has revamped the project and is currently on a mission to transform it into a leading provider of youth-oriented cultural awareness programs and learning materials. The CRU has developed a strategic direction that sees the core objectives of CRUCIBLE presented through two delivery models — an in-person program and an online resource repository.  


Guided by this vision, The CRU is working hard to develop a syllabus that can be delivered through workshops, as well as content that is suitable for online publication. To help The CRU realise their goal, they are looking for volunteers to take part in delivering on this strategy.  They are seeking a number of young adults who are passionate about inspiring the next generation of youths to be part of the Program Development and Learning Experience, Project Management and Governance, Community and Stakeholder Liaison and Marketing and Digital Content Production workgroups within CRUCIBLE’s committee. As a member of these workgroups, the volunteer will have the opportunity to build a one-of-a-kind initiative from the ground up alongside a dynamic team that values diversity, respect and progress.

For position description for General Roles within CRUCIBLE click here 

For position description for Marketing and Digital Content Production with CRUCIBLE click here 

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