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About the Foundation

Helping Migrants and Refugees to Thrive


Louise Multicultural Community Centre has for 38 years served the interests of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in the Whitehorse Council areas and surrounds. This has been done on a needs basis, ranging from basic clothing for Vietnam refugees to language for living for new migrants. The history and work of LMCC has been strongly influenced by early leaders, such as Sr. Miriam Boland, Daughter of Charity, who has provided the inspiration for our “Louise Memorial Fund, Helping Migrants and Refugees to Thrive".  Sr. Miriam’s values and beliefs can be summarised as care and concern for:

  • the poorest of the poor

  • refugees and their treatment

  • the marginalised without voice

These values are the focus for our Louise Memorial Fund, established with the purpose of assisting disadvantaged migrant and refugee families.  Every financial year the Committee of Management looks for ways in which the fund can assist a child or family in need.  To date the fund has been inaugurated at a micro level and provided some scholarships to several primary school children within the Whitehorse community who have limited family support and low income; children who have needed extra speech therapy, language opportunities and play therapy.  Louise Multicultural Community Centre is embedded in the largest urban apartment development areas, where many of the residents will be children and families who will need additional support.  Schools in the area are also concerned that there will be a greater influx of students with varying needs and this could potentially increase the demand for scholarships in schools. Please consider donating to the Louise Foundation so that we may continue to assist disadvantaged migrant and refugee families. 


For donations over $100 please contact LMCC office on 03 9285 4850 or  

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