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Volunteer with Louise

We are looking for Volunteers this year:
  • English Tutor
  • Computer Tutor

Please register your interest on 9285 4850



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Who is a volunteer?

   A person who performs a service willingly and voluntarily for no renumeration.


Who can be a volunteer?

  Many different people become volunteers:

  • Students 
  • unemployed people looking for work experience 
  • retirees 
  • recently-arrived migrants wanting to contribute to their new country  
  • highly skilled professionals.  


Why people volunteer?

  Volunteering is a great way for people of all ages or cultural backgrounds to get involved with their community. 


  Some of the benefits of volunteering include:

  • Learning new skills (such as job skills, communication skills, customer services, etc.)
  • Personal and professional development and training
  • Increased confidence
  • Experience to add to your CV
  • Meeting new people
  • Experiencing new challenges
  • Satisfaction from giving something back to the community and making a difference


What do volunteers do at LMCC?

  Volunteers are an important part of LMCC. They have provided vital support to refugees and migrants throughout LMCC's rich history. LMCC is lucky to have dedicated volunteers from over twenty-six different countries. 

  There are a variety of opportunities and roles for those interested in volunteering at LMCC.  You can learn new things, share your knowledge and make a different to the lives of refugees and migrants.

  We welcome people who have already worked as volunteers and those who want to volunteer for the first time.


  Volunteer opportunities available at LMCC include:

  • English Tutor
  • Mandarin Tutor
  • Computer Tutor
  • Bilingual Tutor
  • Tutoring Assistant
  • Conversation
  • Receptionist
  • Administration
  • IT Support
  • Newsletter Assistant
  • Public Relations
  • Special Events Management
  • Short Projects
  • Community Work
  • Facilitator of a group
  • Mentoring
  • Inclusion Programs
  • Practical Placement/Work Experience
  • Australian workplace culture office training


  LMCC is committed to providing a rewarding, safe and well-supported experience for all our volunteers. 


Click here if you would like to register your interest in volunteering

 For all other enquiries please telephone the Volunteer Coordinator on 92854850.




Caroline Chisholm Awards

- 2012


Caroline Chisholm Awards recognise the outstanding contribution volunteers make in our community. 

Congratulations to our wonderful volunteers that received an award from Anna Burke MP, for their volunteering.


The proud volunteers are:

  • Geoff Harrison
  • Shu Chen  Meng
  • Mee Ying Wong
  • Dick Bartley
  • Mary Lee
  • Phil Johnson
  • Chuilan Swift
  • Hyun Do Kil


- 2014


LMCC would like to congratulate the following volunteer for receiving this award for his contribution to LMCC

  • Vijay Dalipram


Testimonials from Practical Placement / Work Experience

Jae Yun Lee - Practical Placement in 2013

I have been in Australia for the past year and a half, studying my masters in TESOL. During this time I had my practical placement at the Louise Multicultural Community Centre. I have observed many different classes from beginner’s to advanced, learning how the classes are conducted and how various topics have been applied to lessons. I have learnt a lot about assessing student’s level of English proficiency by using various multiple choice questions and dictation. I was fortunate to be able to teach a few beginners’ classes. I really enjoyed it as it reminded me of the times when I was younger and being taught English as a foreign language for the first time.



I had an awesome time during my practical placement as everyone has been very friendly and helpful. Even though my placement is over, I will continue to volunteer at LMCC. I have no specific reason for becoming an English teacher other than I just want to be one! When I teach English to students, I draw a lot of energy from them and it makes me feel very happy.


Testimonials from Volunteers

Sarah Price – Volunteer


I began my volunteering at LMCC last year as part of my job seeker obligations. On the three days a week I’m at LMCC, I mainly man the reception and perform other administrative tasks as needed. I have also helped with various events, in particular the 30th Anniversary and contributed articles about these events for the newsletter.

Early last term, I was inspired me to undertake a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course which I’m currently doing online. I’m still an admin volunteer but in addition to that I‘m now also a relief tutor. I would like to thank Klaudia, Cindy and Neven for their continuing encouragement, support and warmth. What I’ve gained from being here goes beyond a few more skills to add to my C.V because it has also helped me regain some of the confidence and motivation I was lacking when I first started and that is worth more to me than anything. It’s very rare to find an organisation with the same level of appreciation and support of their volunteers as LMCC and I’m proud to be a part of it.