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Louise Multicultural Community Centre is a Community House. We offer many different courses and activities. You can be any age to join these courses and activities. Our students come from over 20 different countries. We want to you to enjoy learning. By joining our courses and activities, we hope you will feel more confident and feel more part of your community.



ESL English (Beginners – Advanced)

ESL English (Conversation)

ELS English (Writing and Reading)

ESL English (Current Affairs)

Mandarin (Intermediate with Pin Yin)

English/Cantonese (Bilingual)

English/Mandarin (Bilingual)

Mandarin (Conversation)


Computer classes

Computer (Internet & Email)

Computer (Microsoft Word)

Book Buddies

Outreach class in Forest Hill

IELTS for International Students

New Arrivals Friendship Group


Enrolment and fees

If you want to attend one of our classes, please contact us to arrange a time to visit us.

When you visit us, you will fill in an enrolment form. We can help you do this. We might also test your language skills.

There are fees for each of our classes. You need to pay your fees on this day or before you start your class. We will tell you how much the fees are for the course you are interested in.



Students Testimonials


Jennis from Korea / English Intermediate class

“I have been coming to the Louise Multicultural Community Centre for a year now. I first arrived in Melbourne four years ago with my two nephews, I could hardly speak English. I could read a little bit but I couldn’t speak or write properly. I thought I could just pick up English when I came to Melbourne, but in reality it wasn’t that easy.

I initially went to a language school for 8 months but as I had to take care of my nephews, I gave up on school because I could not do both. I felt that my English did not improve during this time and I became less confident. I decided eventually to go back to school and learn English properly. Through the help of a friend, I got introduced to LMCC. Even though the majority of students are older than me, I feel more comfortable here than at my previous language school. I used to be very shy in speaking as I felt I didn’t want to make any mistakes. Now due to the friendly environment at LMCC, I am much more confident to speak up because I am no longer embarrassed when I make mistakes.  I feel that my English is still not so good, that I need to try harder and practice more, however I am learning a lot and I will continually strive to become better. I would like this opportunity to thank the people at LMCC especially all the kind teachers and friendly people. This place will be a precious and memorable place for those who learn English here.”  


En Wu from China / English intermediate class

“I was born in a village in Taishan County in Guang Dong Province in 1929. Beside the village was a large river on which steam-ships would sail up to Guang Zhou city and many fishing boats would be fishing in the river. I have four brothers and a sister. I went to primary school for only a year and a half, it was a modern school run by a Chinese Christian Church. When I was in the second grade, Japanese bombers came to bomb the nearby factories, so the school closed and I returned to my village. After 1940 the Japanese army invaded the county and it was estimated that in 1942 more than 200,000 people died from starvation and sickness.

 I arrived to Australia in 1996, with no formal schooling due to World War 2 and my English was limited to old English grammar books. I went to various English centres before arriving at Louise Multicultural Community Centre in 2006. I really enjoy coming here as it’s handy to be able to walk to class, as well as the tutors Dudley and Phil, who have treated me very well.  My tutors have helped me improve my speaking and listening skills immensely, and I am also able to learn about different aspects of society and current events. I have made a lot of friends in my class and English had helped me improve in all aspects of life, whether it is to chat to a neighbour or asking for help while shopping. I am very happy to keep coming to class, and plan on continuing to study until I am physically unable to.”   


Ioanna Adamopolous.  Greek / English Intermediate & Conversation class

“I have been a student of the Louise Multicultural Community Centre for six years now and I enjoy being a part of this warm and supportive Louise community. I like the way the tutors teach us, learning through having conversations with the tutors and other students has helped me the most. I have made many new friends from different countries and like sitting down to have a coffee with them at morning tea. I will never stop coming to Louise.”  


Shu-Chen Meng from Taiwan

“In 2006, I was introduced by a friend to Louise Multicultural Community Centre to learn English. All the teachers are caring and patient. Now, I could converse freely with my Australian neighbour and we become good friends. Currently, I am also attending a Computer course.

I notice that student numbers have increased rapidly and people from different backgrounds and cultures came to learn, I love this multicultural learning environment.

Feeling grateful for the help this warm and caring Community Centre has given me, I volunteered to teach Mandarin there. I now learn English and Computer at Louise while also teaching Mandarin, enjoying a peaceful and relaxing retirement life.”    


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