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About us

The Louise Multicultural Community Centre (LMCC) is a not-for-profit community centre situated in Box Hill, Victoria, Australia.  Our centre was established in July 1983. We offer a range of programs and activities.  Please see our programs page for more information about classes and other activities.


Our Mission:

To help refugees and migrants living in Australia.


Our Purpose:

To encourage and assist people of diverse national, ethnic, religious and linguistic backgrounds to practice, enjoy and share their own culture and to fully participate in public and civic life.


Our Motto:

“Learning together”


Core values:

Trust and respect for individuals and open communication. The Louise Centre promotes harmony and social inclusion, for all people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


Helping people settle

Migrants and refugees face many difficulties when settling in Australia. In particular, having low English language proficiency can make it difficult to:

  • find a good job
  • go to school or college, or get training
  • understand the services they can use
  • find assistance.

Many of the people who come into our centre are feeling alone. The people we meet are often experiencing low self esteem and depression and they find it hard to speak out if they have been treated badly.

We help people deal with these issues. Our programs aim to help people feel connected to society. We offer a friendly environment where participants are able to gain skills and confidence.  It is a joy to watch them flourish in our supportive atmosphere.


Sister Miriam Boland Our Founder:
Sister Miriam Boland of the Daughters of Charity. Please read more about Sister Miriam in the section on Our History below.  


The Honourable Alastair NicholsonOur Patron: The Honourable Alastair Nicholson

"In my 16 years as Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia, I became very aware of the difficulties of people who did not have a sufficient command of English. They are very much excluded from Australian life and have great difficulties with the law, health treatment and the bureaucracy. That is why a service such as that offered by Louise is so important to people for whom English is not a first language and why it deserves the support of us all.”



The Louise Multicultural Community Centre gratefully acknowledges our funding bodies:

  • The Department of Planning and Community Development
  • The City of Whitehorse
  • The Victorian Multicultural Commission
  • Manningham City Council


Member Association:

We are a member of the Association of Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres


Local Government Areas: 

The Louise Centre covers the seven local government areas in the Eastern Region of Melbourne. These are:  Whitehorse; Manningham; Boroondara; Maroondah; Knox; Monash; and Yarra Ranges.


City of Whitehorse City of Whitehorse

The Louise Centre is also a member of the Collective of Whitehorse Neighbourhood and Community Houses (COWNCH). This represents 10 Neighbourhood and Community Houses in the City of Whitehorse.


Whitehorse Community Houses:

Louise Multicultural Community Centre is one of the 10 Members of COWNCH, the others are listed below:

Avenue Neighbourhood House@Eley    – Ph: (03) 9808 2000

Bennettswood Neighbourhood House   – Ph: (03) 9888 0234

Box Hill South Neighbourhood House    – Ph: (03) 9898 8270

Burwood Neighbourhood House           – Ph: (03) 9808 6292

Clota Cottage Neighbourhood House    – Ph: (03) 9899 0062

Kerrimuir Neighbourhood House           – Ph: (03) 9899 7660

Koonung Cottage Community House     – Ph: (03) 9878 6632

Mitcham Community House                  – Ph: (03) 9873 4587

Vermont South Community House        – Ph: (03) 9803 2335


Our history:

In 1982, Sister Miriam Boland was asked to work in the area of resettlement of refugees at the Eastbridge Hostel and Migrant Centre in Melbourne. Every week, refugees from refugee camps in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos arrived at Eastbridge. Their plight was heart breaking with the horrors of bloodshed and violence they had witnessed still etched on their faces. Their only belongings were held tightly in a small plastic bag.

Sister Miriam worked tirelessly to assist these people, and founded the Louise Multicultural Community Centre to address many of their needs. The first location of the then fledgling Community Centre was in Nunawading.

Today, although the location of the Louise Multicultural Centre has changed, the original vision has remained.